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Shur-Strike Lures

Shur-Strike Boxed HR-18 Heddon Style Runt, Silver Flitter:
AKA River Runt. Belly crack & hook chatter. Needs cleaning. Some hook rust. Glass eyes, new body shape. VG. The good news: A Black and Yellow Western Auto box stamped V401. Correct for this lure. 7 on 1-10 scale. (Cat. #18873)
Shur-Strike CR-24T Crab Lure, Tan Crab:

"Gateway" marked. Full string feelers, nice glass eyes and hardware. Nick by eye, several pointers and a lot of age lines, but no deep crack.
VG (Cat. #18660)


Shur-Strike Special Fat Fred, Pike Scale:

Usual tack eyes. Outstanding condition with 3 chin tics and a few very minor belly lines. EX- (Cat. #18857)

Shur-Strike Boxed MO-2 Mouse, Red Head & White:

Lots of wear and chips, touch-up by mouth. Glass eyes, full tail. VG at best. Blue/Orange box for this lure. 6 on 1-10 scale. (Cat. #18879)

Shur-Strike Boxed IM-5 Inj. Minnow, Old Red Side:
Hard to see more than the slightest tics. Believe me, nice enough for any collection. Glass eyes, EX. Green/Yellow NRA printed box. 5 on 1-10 scale. (Cat. #18878)
Shur-Strike IM-2 Inj. Minnow, Red Head & White:
Four small burns on right side. A lure that is brilliant and appears to have never touched water. Glass eyes, EX-. Green/White box has 2 pin holes in lid and scant corner wear. 8 on 1-10 scale.(Cat. #18877)