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English Colt Accessories:
A nice group of accessories consisting of: An unmarked pewter oil vial - Mint L shaped screwdriver - Key - A rosewood cylinder to hold primers, patches, etc. - Rosewood handled screwdriver. Place with your British Cartridge Colts or remove the L wrench and add to your English percussion revolver case. (Cat. #18373)
Desirable CCBCo Select Six Combo Box:

Super label and all six inserts for lures are nice. Has original cloth strap to hold up lid. Exterior is exception. Usual staining and now toned to tan from original light green. Hardly a break in paper over the rear lid hinge. Cataloged from 1927-1933. NO baits. You can find all of them from this era with little effort. A list of correct lures is included. (Cat. #18325)

Scarce Brooklure Combo Box & Lures:

Great label & six box inserts. The green exterior weave pattern paper has some surface wear. Missing only on a thin line at the hinge area. 6 excellent cond. Shur-Strike lures, all with glass eyes except paint eye Darter. PE Darter. The lures are: Black Mouse; Floating Runt, Yellow Perch; Darter, Frog; River Runt, New Red Side; Baby Surf Oreno, Peanut Butter; Bass Oreno, Red/White. When these boxes are available, they are often rougher condition or have inferior lures. Usually attributed to Sears, but sold by Spiegels in Chicago. (Cat. #18323)

CCBCo Rare Intro Open Mouth Shiner Box:

Still displays a soft lavender hue, especially on the protected bottom. The black text and illustration on the box lid is lightly faded, but complete. The box is very solid, only one corner break. These are seldom available in ANY condition. NO end number. (Cat. #18332)

Condom Tins:

What a conversation starter! Nine different variations of early tins that each held condoms (2 still do). 6 are Merry Widow variations, 1 Price Perfectos, 1 Safety First, 1 Trilby. Housed in a small display case.
(Cat. #18275)