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Barber Shop & Straight Razors

Better Straight Razor
Black & cream celluloid handles. Front has 3 scenes: A reclining nude, a logo "U.M.W. (United Mine Workers) of America", "Socialist Party/ Workers of the World United". Back: "Matti Saxberg, Hanna, Wyo". Blade a toned silver finish with light stain & a few surface rust spots that will clean. Etched on tang "Golden Rule Cutlery Co./ Chicago".
(Cat. #14209) Sale: Was $500.00, $380.00 now $290.00
Owl Razor
Pressed floral designs on both sides of celluloid handles that imitate tortise shell.  An owl in an oval on 1 side. Gray speckling on blade. Tang: "Smith Bros./ Columbus, O." 
(Cat. #12316) Sale: Was $95.00, now $85.00

Stag-In-Forest Razor
Ivory color cello handles, floral bordered oval on 1 side. A brown tinted scene of a stag in profile. Light gray blade. 
Oxford Razor. German (Cat. #12317) Sale: Was $95.00, now $80.00
"Golden" Straight Razor
Clear amber handles inlaid "Gra'fin" (Co.) Blade shows stain. "Good As Gold" on the tang! Columbia, PA. cutlery.
(Cat. #14040) Sale: Was $70.00, now $65.00
"Tortise" Razor
Cello handles resemble tortise shell. Gold wash panel on blade. "Tuckmar Extra/Ober Prima" Exc.+ blade.
German made. 
(Cat. #12207) Sale: Was $60.00, now $44.00