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Colt Firearms Accessories & Collectibles

Rosewood Handled Screwdriver:
A rosewood handled screwdriver. Place with your British Cartridge Colts. (Cat. #18373)
Western Colt S.A. 4 3/4", 5 1/2" Rig
Holster body a single piece of harness leather. Border & background hand stamped. A cowboy on horseback embossed on side. A plug end; a wide belt loop. Cart. belt has embossed double roped border, a hammered effect nickel buckle marked by Lawrence, Portland, Ore. Loops marked for 32/20, a popular Colt & Winchester cal. 2" W. Fits up to 40" waist. Both are complete & very nice. (Cat. #14103)
Sale: Was $340.00, now $290.00
Colt Vickers/Maxim Gauge
A spring loaded ring at each end. Brass body gives pound pulls from 1-20. Shown in Sutherland book. Tests tensions of various parts. 6 3/8" L.
(Cat. #17161)
Colt, Etc. Ideal 44/40 Reloading Tool
Over 95% yellow label on tan box (some edges need reinforcement). "Ideal Manuf. Co...Reloading tools for Colt, Marlin, Winchester and other Magazine Rifles and Pistols". Plated steel tool marked "Ideal..." & "44-40". Also, Original instructions sheet for casting bullets. Ideal boxes are rarely marked for Colts. Oddly, when so marked, the mold is for a non-Colt caliber. In this case, it is for the ever-popular 44/40 used by Colt and most other manufacturers.
(Cat. #17169)
Colt, Etc. Boxed Loading Tool
Tan box, illus. yellow label: "Ideal Manufacturing Co....Reloading Tools for Colt, Marlin, Winchester...Magazine Rifles and Pistols...Ideal No.4". 95% label remains. Taped corner repair. Also, Ideal marked tool for "32 (32/20) Colts, Win. & Mar." & a small primer (?) tool. Can be displayed with any of these makers.
(Cat. #17167)